Landlord Boiler Cover

Landlord boiler cover protects landlords against breakdowns of boilers and the inconvenience repairs may necessitate. UK Landlords must immediately repair malfunctioning equipment and the prospect of several properties suffering failure could be catastrophic for those owning multiple units. Before contracting for a particular type of  landlord boiler cover, property owners should research the issue sufficiently to understand what is involved.

Landlord Boiler Cover Types

Landlords are responsible for maintaining adequate gas safety each year by getting equipment inspections. When gas central heating malfunctions, landlords must make expensive repairs immediately. There are several kinds of landlord boiler covers may want to consider

  • Basic landlord boiler cover insures the boiler and controls only. This cover is the least expensive.
  • Landlord boiler insurance provides protection for damaged boilers and emergency repairs. These are not unlimited and may require an excess co-payment for each callout.
  • Gas central heating cover insures the infrastructure of the system, including gas lines, radiators, water tank, plumbing, drains, wiring and inspections.

Property owners must decide which landlord boiler cover plan makes the most sense for their situation. New equipment may only require the most basic protection against failure of an expensive boiler. A combination of landlords gas insurance and boiler cover may be the best choice for older heating systems, between and 10 and 15 years old. Most insurers will not cover systems older than 15 years. Property owners with aging infrastructure should consider replacement with modern energy-efficient systems.

landlord boiler coverLandlord Boiler Cover Comparison

Online comparison service can help property owners select the best landlord boiler cover. Landlord boiler cover policies may provide emergency callout service, comprehensive heating system protection, or boiler cover only. Research can help landlords determine the best combination of price and cover. Smaller insurers often offer cheaper rates, but they may not cover all situations or have strict limits on service. Large companies can provide peace of mind to property owners, since they know the company can be relied on in an emergency. All providers will require landlords to enter a waiting period before claims will be paid to prevent unscrupulous operators from contracting a policy when the heating system has already malfunctioned.

Landlords are required to conduct annual inspections to qualify for some policies. Some types of cover actually include an annual inspection as part of the deal. Energy providers also provide insurance cover not only to their customers but also to any landlord needing insurance. These companies often provide better deals or additional benefits to those clients who are also energy customers.

Top UK Insurance Providers – Landlord Boiler Cover

Some of the top UK insurance providers include British Gas, HomeServe, Eon, npower, AA Boiler, Domestic & General, Omni Assist and uswitch.

  • British Gas. British Gas offers a number of policies tailored to specific needs. Boiler and controls policies run £13 per month and require no excess payment. Central heating system cover costs £17 monthly. A combination policy including plumbing and drains runs £22.5 and the most comprehensive option includes electrics at £27. These rates require no excess payment by policyholders. Cheaper monthly rates are available with £50 excess required for each repair.
  • HomeServe. This company offers complete cover including central heating for £19.68. The policy also accepts landlord boiler cover.
  • Npower. They offer boiler service for £15 a month, which is a bit high, but they provide annual boiler service and guarantee repairs for 12 months. Their energy customers get a 50 percent rebate.
  • AA Boiler. They cover the boiler and other home emergencies for £11.99 monthly. They also guarantee repairs for 12 months and require no excess. Existing customers qualify for a discount.
  • Domestic & General. They have boiler insurance for £10.50
  • Omni Assist. They provide a great policy that covers boilers, heating system repairs, plumbing, electrical and drain for £10.95 per month. There is, however, £250 excess and claims are limited to five each year, and a maximum of £1,000 is allowed for each claim.

Landlord Insurance Cover for Whole Property

  • Endsleigh – Offer a plethora of information on the differ types of Landlord insurance available and very competitive quotes.
  • Simple Landlord Insurance – Provide a comprehensive range of cover for Landlords in buy-to-let market with considerable discounts on multiple property policies.
  • Quoteline Direct Landlord Insurance – Good range of cover, including optional extras for home emergency assistance, rent payements in case of eviction and legal expenses. They claim to a offer price guarantee of 10% cheaper than your current renewal price.

There are many kinds of landlord boiler cover policies can be taken out for as little as £5.95 per month, but property owners should check excess payment requirements and limitations before choosing any landlord boiler cover policy.