E.ON Central Heating Care


Who Are E.ON?

The power company E.ON formerly operated in the United Kingdom as Powergen, an Anglo American electricity generating company. In 2002, it was taken over by E.ON AG, a German investor-owned utility company, one of the largest in the world. E.ON now has its headquarters in Germany, but is the second largest generator of power in the UK.

E.ON Products

E.ON heating cover goes under the name of Central Heating Care. There is also an alternative, lower-budget option called Central Heating Care 50. In addition, customers can opt for Central Heating Care Plus Electric, or Central Heating Care Plus Water Plus Electric.


What Is Included in the E.ON Central Heating Care?

The basic package, E.ON Central Heating Care, covers annual servicing of the heating system. It also includes all parts and labour if repairs are required, and there is no limit to the number of call-outs that can be made. If the boiler is less than seven years old, the cover includes replacement if it cannot be repaired.

What Is Not Covered In E.ON?

Like most policies, E.ON heating cover excludes repairs due to pre-existing faults or where parts are no longer available. It will also not cover power-flushing or other methods of removing scale or sludge, and engineers will not remove asbestos. The maximum repair value that can be covered is £1,000.


What Is The Cost Of E.ON Central Heating Care?

The basic E.ON Central Heating Care package costs £15.50 per month, with a discount of 25 per cent for the initial six months. The Eon Central Heating Care 50 package costs £12.50 per month. This provides the same cover as the basic package, but the customer pays the first £50 of any repair costs.

E.onWhat Are The Benefits Of E.ON Central Heating Care?

The E.ON cover provided by the package will start as soon as the company is in possession of the customer’s bank details, so the care is available straight away. For service appointments, E.ON provides four-hour overlapping booking slots throughout the day from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.. However, for emergencies, engineers will attend any time during the 24 hours, 365 days a year, which means customers can get help even if the boiler breaks down during their Christmas dinner. E.ON currently does not cover the whole of the UK, but anyone who lives within the areas that are covered can use this protection, even if they do not buy their gas or electricity from the company. The E.ON Central Heating Care package has a generally good reputation, and is well reviewed by most customers. Read more at E.ON.