Compare Energy Providers for Gas & Electric

While the idea of comparing and switching gas and electricity suppliers can seem a bit overwhelming, the process is actually relatively simple.  People have the opportunity to save a tremendous amount of money throughout the year by selecting an energy provider with services and rates that are best designed to fit their consumption patterns and needs.  The exceeding amount of competition in this market has created a dramatic decrease in pricing, even within Green energy services.  This makes it possible for people to both save money and reduce their environmental impact, while continuing to receive high-quality and dependable energy services.  Companies are working harder than ever before to gain more business and this can ultimately create a dramatic decrease in the costs of these services when diligent shopping practices are employed.

While making an across the board comparison is certainly not easy, there is a broad range of features that should be considered when opting to switch energy providers.  These include the types of plans and services that are provided as many companies will offer substantial discounts to clients who are willing to secure several of their utility services in the same place.  Shoppers should also review the included tariffs and all related tariff discounts and bonuses.  Those consumers with environmentally sustainable energy solutions will find that are numerous companies that make green energy solutions their primary focus.  These businesses will often charge more implementation of green solutions, however, customers will typically receive significant monetary incentives for all successful efforts to lower energy consumption.

An additional service feature to consider when reviewing different UK energy providers is the predictability of rates.   Rate hikes are announced well in advance, allowing customers sufficient time to plan for the anticipated changes.  Consumers do well to review the websites of the providers that they are seriously considering for any information pertaining to expected rate hikes.  Many companies will additionally offer lower rates to clients to pay through direct debit options rather than through pre-payment arrangements.  For low-income energy consumers as well as other individuals needing to operate on pre-payment plans it is best to find companies who offer consistent rates regardless of the chosen payment method.

UK energy providers

energy providersAmerada – Both TXU Energy and Amerada were incorporated by Powergen and re-branded in 2003.  Those who were customers of this company when it operated as a separate entity were privy to static pricing.  Once incorporated by Powergen, however, those staying on with Amerada were subject to seemingly substantial rate increases due to efforts to bring the pricing system up to the industry norm.  People interested in working with the Amerada team will need to contact Powergen in order to secure residential services.

energy providersAtlantic Electric And Gas – Those who opt to switch to Atlantic Electric and Gas services can count on receiving a considerable number of price incentives for making reductions in their household consumptions levels or by simply opting to use the paperless billing process.  Atlanta Electric and Gas Customers who opt to pay for their services through Direct Debit are additionally entitled to one free month of service.  With a strong emphasis on developing sustainable energy practices, Atlanta Electric and Gas has several plan underway for harnessing the natural energy sources that are available to UK providers and has installed Britain’s first wind turbine in the Moray Firth.  Atlantic Electric and Gas is additionally building the first hydro-electric power station in Britain in more than half a century.

energy providersBasic Power – Providing economical services to clients at a standard rate, regardless of the chosen payment method, Basic Power has gone into Administration as of 2005 and is thus, no longer a viable supplier of energy services.  It has since been replaced in its market by London Energy.

energy providersBritish Gas – Offering inexpensive electricity, gas and boilers, British Gas offer fixed quotes for boiler installation.   This means that when projects entail additional, unexpected labor customers will continue to pay the agreed upon price.  Customers also have the option to include insurance and repair services in their selected plans and can use the company site to compare the available rates and related tariffs.  British Gas also provides its customers with smart meters for increased usage control.

energy providersCambridge Gas and Electricity – Acquired by Southern Gas and Electric in 2002, Cambridge Gas and Electricity is no longer a viable service provider.


energy providersCountrywide Energy – Having partnered up with Green Energy UK, Countrywide Energy is now able to supply its clients with energy that is 100% green.  Countrywide purports to provide its customers with competitive rates that are nearly 10% less than that of its competitors, however, prospective clients will need to make apples to apples comparison of specific service plans in order to verify that this is the case for their individual circumstances.  Countrywide also provide free shares to all new clients.  In addition to shareholder status, customers also enjoy the same prices as those that are offered by regional energy companies as well as a company promise to provide a live response as much as 98% of all customer service inquiries within 20 seconds.

energy providersE.ON Energy – Formerly named Powergen, E.ON is one of the premier UK providers of gas and energy.  E.ON offers a variety of services to customers including gas and electricity plans, boiler installation and maintenance and central heating installation and maintenance. E.ON is additionally the premier green energy provider in Britain and owns and operates wind farms throughout the UK. Find out more here.

energy providersEcotricity – The residential products of Ecotricity are developed with a concentrated focus on supplying Britain with a range of Green energy solutions, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and global warming.  Self-touted as the first Green Energy company in the world, Ecotrocity offers both gas and electric residential services and maintains a Gas Tariff that matches the price of the British Gas Tariff.  Additionally, prices are set to match the regional pricing of Big Six energy suppliers, making the move to Green comparable to that of Brown energy solutions, if not cheaper.

energy providersEDF Energy – EDF Energy is a major supplier of both gas and electricity in Britain with a strong focus on bringing sustainable energy options and solutions to households from every demographic.  The supply rates of EDG remain competitive, however, some service options are likely to be more costly than those of other companies given the broad range of sustainable and traditional energy generation methods that are used.  This is an ideal company to work with for environmentally conscious household.

energy providersEquipower (EBICo) – The only non-profit energy supplier in the UK, Equipower supplies both electricity and gas throughout the UK.  The major benefit of using Equipower gas and electricity services is that all customers are charged the same flat rate, whether using pre-paid meters or a direct debit arrangement.  These services are especially beneficial to low-income households who typically must pay a higher rate for pre-paid meter use than the average household will pay when using direct debit.

energy providersFirst Utility –  First utility is a low cost provider of both gas and electricity services.  This company offers its residential clients free smart meters which are estimated to save households as much as 5 -10% of their normal energy bill.  First utility customers additionally face no cancellation fees and can pay their bills online through monthly direct debt services.

energy providersGood Energy – Offering 100% renewable electricity services, Good Energy uses sustainable bio-generation to harness energy from the sun, wind and water.  Active since its 1999 inception and called the premier provider of 100% renewable energy, it is not surprising to many that of Good Energy’s approximately 1,700 shareholders, 90% are active clients.   Offering both gas and electric services, Good Energy provides competitive rates and even affords clients bonuses for signing up their friends which typically range around £25.

energy providersGreen Energy UK – Specialising in feasible, affordable green energy solutions that all consumers can employ, Green Energy UK institutes a customer share program that enables clients to take an active part in shaping the services that they receive.  While customer share holders are not yet entitled to dividend bonuses, each loyal consumer that had been with the company for three years or longer received loyalty bonuses in both 2010 and 2011 of £25.  While the costs of switching to this company will be comparable to many of the alternative green energy suppliers, the perks appear to be exceedingly good, given the shareholder status with no responsibility and no liability.

energy providersLloyds TSB –  Primarily known for its banking services, Lloyds TSB now provides energy services to residential consumers as well as telephone and gas, making them a fairly all-inclusive provider of household utilities.  Combining all of your household services with Ideal from Lloyds TSB allows for a seamless billing and payment process.  This company climbs to be able to complete a utilities transfer in about 10 minutes, while maintaining the use of all of your current pipes, wires and other hook-ups.

energy providersLondon Energy – Another green company arising to meet the needs of the eco-conscious individual, London Energy or the London Energy Partnership is devoted to providing feasible solutions for energy poverty, energy security and climate changes.  A subsidiary of one EDF Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the UK.  Offering both gas and electricity services, clients of London Energy all pay the same rate, whether opting to pre-pay for their usage or using a direct debit account.  This company offers Priority Services for those who are sick, elderly or disabled and additionally offers Points on some tariffs and for Nectar card holders.

energy providersMarks and Spencer Energy – Offering gas and electric services as well as solar and insulation, Marks and Spencer is yet another comprehensive service provider seeking to fill numerous consumer needs from a single source.  Consumers can count on getting a number of monetary benefits like a £20 voucher for switching services and £10 for opting to receive electronic billing statements.  Clients who are able to lower their energy consumption by 10% are additionally eligible for a £30 bonus at the end of the year.  Opting to renew services on a yearly basis will also qualify loyal customers for a £10 loyalty bonus.

npowerNpower – One of the largest providers of both gas and electric in the UK and a member of the RWE Group, Npower provides free advice on energy efficiency and a range of packages that clients can choose from such as Fixed Billing, Dual Fuel and Green Services among others.  Npower also offers several convenient communication options and some special services for those in need of them, such as elderly individuals and those with disabilities. Visit Npower

energy providersOVO New Energy – OVO New Energy boasts that their clients are able to save as much as £144 each year and can choose from just two simple tariffs.  With prices directly linked to the energy prices on the wholesale market, OVO New Energy customers can count on green services that exceed the average green provider at highly competitive prices.  Based on simple, green philosophies, the major benefit of these services is the simple tariff pricing.  Customers can also take advantage of 3% monthly interest rewards.

energy providersSainsburys Energy –  Sainsbury Energy provide both gas and electricity services and guarantees its clients a discount of at least 4% of the Standard Energy tariff.  In addition to the provision of energy, Sainsbury also offers its clients a host of informational resources on energy saving and implementing energy generation methods in the home.  The addition of solar energy panels and insulation installs helps consumers to live more energy-efficient lifestyles without dramatically altering their energy consumption.

energy providersScottish Hydro Electric – Listed as an economical energy provider, Scottish Hydro Electric offers special savings for its pre-paying customers as well as a range of basic plans that low income customers can use.  This company tends to be ideal for people who use a significant amount of energy during the later hours of the day as this provider offers special rates for nighttime energy usage.  Two major perks of working with this company are the ability to collect Air Miles and Argo points each time a bill payment is made.

energy providersScottishPower –  Following the 1995 merger of ScottishPower and Manweb, this company has leaned into the green energy trend, working to find new ways to provide sustainable energy services.  ScottishPower customers can enjoy a range of gas and electric services as well as the option to pay no standing charge and avoid paying for units that are not used.  Customers additionally have a variety of payment options including direct debit and pre-paid.  Pre-paid customers can use a top-up option to pay for these services and new clients can additionally opt for fixed billing.

energy providersSeeboard Energy – As a part of EDF Energy, Seeboard is able to offer a range of services to its clients while continuing to maintain competitive pricing.  To garner the most savings, consumers can secure both their electric and gas services from Seeboard and gain a lowered rate.  There is additionally access to a priority services register for clients who are elderly or disabled.  Consumers who switch to Seeboard Energy services can receive welcome bonuses of up to £50.   One large part of Seeboard Energy’s efforts lie in bridging the energy gap through innovations in energy generation and provision of both residential and commercial energy services.

energy providersSouthern Electric – Part of the SSE or the Scottish and Southern Energy Group, Southern Electric provides free air miles to its continued clients as well as Air Mile bonuses.  Clients can also receive Argo points at no charge as well.  These are issued each time service bills are paid.  Southern Electric offers both gas and electricity services.  One of the largest providers of energy in the UK, this company remains dedicated to implementing green energy packages.   Customers can save 6% on their bills by opting to pay through Direct Debit and can save an additional 1% on their regular charges by opting for the paperless billing method.

energy providersSwalec – This Wales provider of renewable gas and electricity offers its customers a range of plans to choose from.  Clients can earn both Air Miles and Argo points each time they make a bill payment.  Additional benefits of using this company include standard rates for gas services, regardless of usage hours.  Thus, whether using your services during the day or at night, the same standard rate for usage will apply.  There are several convenient ways to make payment and as with most other energy providers, consumers can earn additional bonuses by opting to receive their bills electronically.

energy providersSWEB Energy – A subsidiary of EDF Energy, one of the premier UK energy providers, SWEB energy provide priority services for its disabled and elderly clients.  Nectar card holders can earn rewards and customers can earn additional rewards on select tariffs.  Special needs clients have a range of communication options that they can choose from and can also receive special adapters for appliances when necessary as the result of disability or age.  Those relying on medical equipment are advised to connect with London Electric for advance knowledge of planned outages.

energy providersUtilita – An affordable provider of renewable energy, Utilita offers inexpensive prepayment options to costumers in need of this payment option.  These services are entirely pay-as-you-go and clients rely upon the use of smart meters for usage tracking.  In addition to residential energy services, Utilita also provides commercial energy services for small and developing businesses that suffer from credit issues.  Special price tracker features ensure that customers will never pay more than what their present utilities provider charges.  This feature essentially takes the financial risk out of switching service providers.  Consumers can additionally purchase new products through the use of Free Credit that are earned through service usage.

energy providersUtility Warehouse – The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, also known as Telecom Plus has one primary objective: to provide the lowest prices on residential energy services.  While personal prices comparisons may be necessary for verifying this claim, consumers can count on the low Standard gas tariff becoming even lower still after a firm commitment to services has been made.  With a range of payment options to choose from and consistent energy rates regardless of the time of usage, Utility Warehouse offers rates that are significantly lower than the average price for energy services.  Thus, daytime energy rates are equal to those that are charged for usage during night hours.

energy providersVirgin Energy – Launched in 2000 as a joint venture with London Energy, Virgin Energy is no longer a viable service provider as a single entity.  Virgin Energy is now part of the EDF Energy Group.


energy providersZEST 4 – With the goal of providing customers with the best value and customer care among all other energy providers, ZEST 4 has carved a niche for itself in this ever-changing market by offering unique systems that enable clients to perform online account management and avoid the impersonal hassle of automated customer service systems.  ZEST 4 employees have maintained a basic and appreciable customer service protocol, opting to provide live attention to all customer service issues.  As of February 4, however,  ZEST 4 has been placed under administration and is no longer available as a service provider for either new or existing clients.  Existing clients, however, can anticipate receiving a phone call from the Joint Administrators that have been duly appointed.

The UK energy market remains in a continual state of flux as new providers emerge to offer the latest innovations in green technology and sustainable energy solutions.  While numerous companies have come and gone, the big name leaders in UK energy have managed to stake their claim on the market by acquiring companies with less stability and redesigning their services and strategies.  Increased competition, however, will continue to produce increased flexibility in both rates and services and consumers can enjoy a broad range of incentives, bonuses and routine discounts that are aimed at encouraging long-term customer loyalty.  Because of the increased likelihood for change among gas and electricity suppliers and the regular, anticipated rate hikes that fierce competition and the intense desire to thrive continue to provide, it is vital for people to review the changes made by the major players in the energy supply industry on a regular basis and to compare energy providers and assess the potential value in switching their services.