Central Heating Grants

Getting central heating grants can enable a UK resident to get a new central heating system and/or boiler installed up to a value of about £2700. There are several ways to go about getting such a grant. For starters, one will need to know where to apply; this is determined by where one lives. In England, you would need to send an application to Warm Front. If in Scotland, contact Warm Deal and the Central Heating Programme. In Wales, government grants of this nature are given by NEST and in Northern Ireland these grants are provided by Warm Homes.

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Who is Eligible for Central Heating Grants and New Boiler Grants?

The eligibility requirements vary, depending on which government organization one is applying to. In England, an applicant would need either own a house or be renting it from a private landlord. Furthermore, the applicant would either need to be at least 60 and have some sort of income related benefit or have a child under 16 and be receiving a designated income benefit, tax credit or disability benefit. Pregnant mothers with a MAT-B1 maternity certificate can also qualify to receive a grant.

In Wales, the requirements are similar. One has to own or privately rent a home. The home in question must have an “F” or “G” rating, which shows that it is not energy efficient. There are age stipulations but one must either be receiving a means tested benefit or living with someone that does receive such a benefit.

In Scotland, anyone can get free advice on how to make his or her house more energy efficient. In addition, individuals over the age of 60 who receive benefits may qualify for a grant. In Northern Ireland, anyone receiving qualifying benefits (i.e. income support, housing benefit, child tax credit, etc) may qualify for a Warm Home grant. Additionally, individuals who have Solid Fuel, Economy 7, Bottles Gas system (LPG ) or no system at all can qualify for Warm Home Plus grants.

No matter where you live, you will be required to fill out an application. This should then be sent to the government agency in question. You can call any one of the agencies mentioned above to ask questions or request clarifications. Each of these agencies also has a web page with detailed information.

What will central heating grants allow you to do?

While there are four distinct agencies that provide heating grants, the benefits that one receives are basically the same. If the application is successful, then an assessor will visit your home within 21 days of the grant’s approval. They will determine just what type of insulation, boiler and heating system should be installed. Some of the improvements that will be made to the house for free include having a new gas, electric or oil central heating system put in, getting a new combination boiler and up to five radiators, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, draught proofing and hot water tank insulation.

Central heating grants enable one to get his or her home properly heated in time for the winter. No matter where a person lives in the UK, there is a government agency that will help provide grants to those who qualify. Additionally, those who do not qualify for a government grant may qualify for help from their energy supplier who may be able to offer discounted appliances and repair work.