British Gas Homecare Heating Insurance

British Gas

Who Are British Gas?

British Gas plc is the successor of the original nationalised company, which provided gas for the whole of the United Kingdom up till 1986, when it was privatised. It is owned by a UK company called Centrica, which is one of the top FTSE 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange. British Gas was restructured in 2009 and is now organised as a single business.

What Insurance Products Does British Gas Offer?

British Gas offers a number of central heating cover plans. The main packages are called Homecare 100 and Homecare 200, Homecare 100 being suitable for people who want a basic entry level of cover. There are also Homecare 300 and Homecare 400, for those who want additional cover for electricity and plumbing as well.

What Is Covered?

All the plans provide for a yearly service and safety check of the boiler. They also provide for a 365 day per year, 24 hour per day emergency call-out, and normally for the costs of all parts and labour, with unlimited call-outs. However, customers can choose the Flexi Homecare option, under which they pay the first £50 of the cost of each repair. The Homecare 100 policy covers the boiler, while the Homecare 200 policy also covers the radiators, the hot water system, and the pipes that feed the hot water to the house. If the house is made uninhabitable by an emergency with the boiler, the policy also provides three nights’ accommodation.

British GasWhat Is Excluded?

The insurance does not cover the cost of repairs that arise as a result of design faults, unless British Gas were to blame for the fault, nor will it cover faults that were in existence before the agreement was entered into, or for damage caused by the customer. In addition, the policy excludes damage to property caused by a leak or explosion, such as repairs to furniture or cleaning of carpets or decorations, unless the incident was a direct result of negligence by the company. In common with other companies, their insurance will not cover the cost of removing hard water scale, rust or sludge from the water system or boiler. The policy also excludes repairs to the boiler that would cost over £1,000.

What Is The Cost?

The Homecare 100 package costs £13 per month, while Homecare 200 starts at £17 per month. The initial costs usually increase over time for individual customers according to the number of call-outs and the usage of the boiler. These prices may be higher within the area surrounded by the M25, that is, the London area.

The Homecare 200 costs a bit more than the E.on package. The service attracted a lot of complaints a few years ago. However, according to most consumer groups, the British Gas Homecare service level has improved considerably and is now well reviewed.