AA Emergency Heating Insurance

Who Are The AA?

The AA are otherwise known as the Automobile Association, which has been well known in the UK for many decades as a leading provider of roadside assistance to motorists. Up till the end of last century, it was a mutual organisation, but in 1999 it became a private limited company. Since then it has been moving into insurance services and has now extended this to central heating cover.


What Does The AA Call Its Insurance Product?

The basic AA home cover goes under the title of Home Emergency Response, reflecting its roadside cover. This can be extended to include Emergency Boiler Cover, or Boiler And Central Heating Cover. Customers can choose from a variety of cover combinations, such as Home Emergency Response plus Central Heating Cover, or Home Emergency Response including Boiler Breakdown PLUS Annual Boiler Service.

AAWhat Is Covered?

The basic Home Emergency Response package covers a range of problems that can be experienced in the home, including plumbing and internal gas supply. The boiler cover and service element provides cover against complete boiler breakdown, and includes an annual servicing of the boiler. If central heating cover is added, this includes emergency call-outs for a breakdown of the whole system or intermittent faults, as well as a boiler service.

What Is Not Included?

The Home Emergency Response scheme allows for up to four claims a year, while the Boiler plus Central Heating cover allows unlimited call-outs. However, unlike British Gas, it excludes repairs that are deemed to be due to normal wear and tear. Like most other providers, it excludes work resulting from damage due to sludge deposits, rust, or hard water scale. The company insist that they will only refuse a claim if there is clear evidence that there has been neglect, or if the boiler has not been cared for or serviced correctly.

How Much Do They Charge?

There is a wide variety of cover combinations that customers can choose. The cheapest is the basic Home Emergency Response at £5.99 per month, while the most expensive comes with the addition of Central Heating Cover at £24.48 per month. The company also provide an All-in-One package at £19 per month.

The main problem for customers is the confusing array of different plans. This makes it difficult for customers to be clear exactly what level of cover they can expect. Otherwise, apart from its major exclusions, the AA Home Emergency Response Plus Boiler Cover is comparable with other packages in the market.